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SEEprog Serial programmer



SEEprog is universal programmer of all types of serial EEPROMs in 8-pin package. SEEprog enables programming EEPROMs with interface types IIC (24Cxx), Microwire (93Cxx) and SPI (25Cxx). Programmer supports programming LV EEPROMs (3.3V). The programmer is equipped by ZIF socket. The quality of programmer is completed by comfortable control program. SEEprog is computer peripheral, it is connecting to PC via standard parallel port.

Socket and control of pins:

ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) DIL socket (300mil wide)
each pin is possible to set in position Low and H/Pull-up
from each pin is possible to read
support of Low Voltage devices
Supported devices:

EEPROM I2C (24Cxxx)
EEPROM Microwire (93Cxxx)
EEPROM SPI (25Cxxx, 25LVxxx, 25Fxxx, 25Pxxx)
Configuration (EE)PROM: AT17xxx, LV series including
speciall devices (digital thermometers, ...)
the SEEprog programmer is NOT INTENDED to be a ISP programmer. If you think about ISP, use please the programmers, equipped by ISP connector (SmartProg2, BeeProg+, ...)
for all supported devices see actual DEVICE LIST
Device operations:

standard: blank check, read, program, verify, checksum
Supported file formats:

HEX:Intel, Intel EXT, Motorola S, MOS, Exormax, ASCII - SPACE - HEX
PC system requirements

Common, software related requirements
Programmer hardware related requirements:
one (parallel) printer port with nothing attached, the printer port on PCI bus recommended

operating voltage 8..15V DC, max. 50mA
dimensions 137x65x40 mm (5.4x2.6x1.6 inch)
weight (without external adapter and connecting cable) ca. 150g (5.295 oz)
temperature range: 5C 40C (41F 104F)
Package includes

SEEprog programmer
wall plug adapter, 12V DC/500mA, unstabilized
connection cable PC-programmer
user manual (on CD)
transport case (cardboard box)