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P100 Pro Intelligent Circuit Tester


P100 Pro Automotive Circuit Tester is a new generation of intelligent automotive circuit tester, which can be upgraded with free software for life on the market. It is a tool to quickly detect 9V-30V automotive circuit electronic systems. High test efficiency, fast speed, convenience, speed, intelligence and many other features!

1、Intelligent identification of voltage/resistance
2、Multimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, diode, continuity )
3、Oscilloscope function
4、Activation of vehicle components
5、0-5V adjustable power supply
7、Network online free upgrade
8、Built in multiple languages

English Spanish German French Portuguese Italian Polish Vietnamese Russian Thai Indonesian Malaysian Filipino Arabic

Specifications and Parameters

1、Display: 2.4 inches (320*240 DPI) TFT true color display
2、Working temperature: 0-60<C (32-140 F<)
3、Storage temperature: 40-70<C (-40-185 F<)
4、External power supply: 12V or 24V powered by battery
5、Minimum working voltage: 9V
6、Maximum working voltage: 30V
7、Maximum measuring voltage: 100V
8、Minimum measuring voltage: 0.1V
9、Resistance measurement range:1 ohm~200K ohm
10、Active Current measuring range: 0~18A
11、Maximum continuous current: 18A
12、Color: black red orange yellow green blue
13、Weight: 1.5kg
14、Size: 17.6 * 24.6 * 7.6 cm