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MOTO 7000TW V8.1 Motorcycle diagnostic tool

MOTO 7000TW V8.1 Motorcycle diagnostic tool

Software Version: V8.1

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian.




MOTO 7000TW scanner allows the technician to diagnose, adjust, and reset key systems on all major motorcycle brands, including Honda, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, and others. This product is a must-have for motorcycle shops, technicians, and enthusiasts!


MOTO 7000TW scanner covers virtually all major manufacturers' diagnostic functions. It helps the technician to diagnose problems and make repairs faster; many common procedures are written into the tool so the technician can follow them (injectors, ignition, coils, fuel pump, etc.). It allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/alarm, making injection adjustments (COTrimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor(TPS), re-setting auto adaptive parameters, and making idling adjustments. The tool shows live data, displays ECUdata, reads stored faults(history) or live data(RPM,batteryvoltage,throttleangle).


All the software is included for all the brands in the tool. Various OEM- style cable connector cables are required to connect to the different brands.


MOTO 7000TW Supported Motocycle List:


Adiva, Aprilia, Arctic Cat, Benelli, Bimota, BMW, BRP CAN-AM, Buell, Cagiva, Derbi, Ducati, Gas Gas, Gilera, Harley Davidson, Honda, Hyosung, Kawasaki, KTM, KVN Motor, Kymco, Laverda, Malaguti, Mondial, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, MV Agusta, Peugeot, Piaggio, Polaris, Sherco, Suzuki, Triumph, Vespa, Voxan, Yamaha


MOTO 7000TW Motocycle Scanner System Covered:


Ignition, Injection, Immobilizer/alarm, ABS, Dashboard, Body Computer, Injection Regulation, Transmission, EPT,  and Service Light Reset. These systems may not be present on all brands, models, and model years of vehicles.


MOTO 7000TW Motocycle Scanner Feature:


1. Larger screen and data router built into the unit

2. Hardware supports future freeze frame, save, and print capability

3. Bike battery voltage displayed on every screen


MOTO 7000TW Motocycle Scanner Functions:


1. Read and clear fault codes

2. Make adjustments and follow factory procedures

3. Display ECU data, real time, and run diagnostic tests

4. Key programming on some bikes, such as Harley-Davidson and Honda


The Basic Kit Comes with the Following Components:


1. Scan tool (MOTO 7000TW) unit in a protective case. All the software for the covered brands is preloaded in the tool.

2. Battery cable (SL010051) - for use with the universal cable and the Suzuki injection adjustment cable

3. "Universal" cable (SL010422) - alligator-style cable that allows connection to many different brands. This cable clips onto a pin on the diagnostic connector on the motorcycle or ATV. To get maximum value from the tool, you will need to purchase the optional OEM-style connectors for the various brands.

4. Other Cables are Available:

SL010478 BMW cable

SL010480 Harley-Davidson cable

SL010481 OBDII cable (Triumph)

SL010499 Packard cable (Italian bikes)

SL010459 Kawasaki 8-pin cable

SL010460 Honda 4-pin cable

SL010461 Honda 3-pin cable

SL010462 Honda 2-pin cable

SL010463 Suzuki 6-pin cable

SL010464 Suzuki 4-pin cable

SL010475 Yamaha 3-pin cable

SL010489 KTM cable

SL010490 Aprila/Sagem cable

SL010493 Kymco cable

SL010501 BRP/CAN-AM cable

SL010502 Kawasaki injection regulation cable


Configuration Check List


NO. Specification Description Quantity

1  Scan tool (MOTO-7000TW) 1

2  SL010051 Battery cable 1

3  SL010342"Universal" cable 1

4  SL010478 BMW cable 1

5  SL010480 Harley-Davidson cable 1

6  SL010481 OBDII cable (Triumph) 1

7  SL010499 Packard cable (Italian bikes) 1

8  SL010459 Kawasaki 8-pin cable 1

9  SL010460 Honda 4-pin cable 1

10  SL010461 Honda 3-pin cable(Honda 3 in 1) 1

11  SL010462 Honda 2-pin cable 1

12  SL010463 Suzuki 6-pin cable 1

13  SL010464 Suzuki 4-pin cable 1

14  SL010475 Yamaha 3-pin cable 1

15  SL010489 KTM cable 1

16  SL010490 Aprila/Sagem cable 1

17  SL010493 Kymco cable 1

18  SL010501 BRP/CAN-AM cable 1

19  SL010502 Kawasaki injection regulation cable 1

20  SL010509 Kawasaki 6-pin cable 1

21  SL010516 Polaris 8-pin cable MY2006 1

22  SL010510 Kawasaki 6pin cable MY2010 1

23  SL010512 SYM 3PIN cable 1