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HEX V2 VCDS VAG Diagnostic Cable for VW AUDI


Fully licensed for VCDS software, acts as the key to unlock the software, no additional software purchase required
VAG model year coverage: 1995 – Current model year*
Fast Operation – faster on CAN based models than our older generation wired products
New Improved car side connector – increases durability and life
New Improved detachable/replaceable cable – robust 2m long USB A to USB B with a screw strain relief. USB wire has been improved to be more flexible, more durable.
New Electronics– incorporates a new microcontroller to allow future expansion of capabilities
New Enhanced indicator lamps for wide visibility by the user
* not compatible with Routan or Lamborghini

Compatible Cars: Support cars for vw for audi for seat for skoda

Software :

20.4.2 English
20.4.2 French
20.4.1 Polish
20.4.1 Dutch
20.4.1 German