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ETL-TMS Programming tool


ETL-TMS Programming tool

Supported devices:

Easy to use Windows 95/98/2000/XP software:

ver. 1.9
• On board processor
• 2 color LED indicates modes of operate
• 2 LEDs indicates busy/errors and bus activity states
• Write Protect Override (WPO) automatic mode EEPROM Bulk Erase Operation
• 7 additional programming adapters for 28PLCC, 44PLCC, 68PLCC, 100PQFP JEDEC devices
• Additional items you'll need to use this tool:
1) Host: A 32 Bit x86 based or Pentium PC with a free Com1-8 port or USB port
2) Power supply source: An 12 Volt/300 mA

For more information see TMS370 EEPROM PROGRAMMER Userí»s Guide TMS370 v1.9 ERRATA SHEET


XPROG-M v5.3 plus Dongle