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Car Detector DVR R800




R800 DVR is a new generation of cost-effective products,which developed independently with years of experience and advanced technology£¨to meet the demand of the market. High-end product configuration, performance art, with high quality and reliability, look stylish, user-friendly design is reflected in every detail of the product, the cigarette lighter can take power directly, you can take the open-wire line can also go dark, the easy installation so that you do not need to worry about the installation .

name parameters Remarks

1 brand name CST 
2  model name R800 
3   Scheme  
4 Sensor £®ARM DSP£©Dual Core  
5 lens form  a front-set camera 
6  photo resolution 1200W 
7  video resolution 1080P can be set to720P
8 Maximum aperture F2.0 
9 Maximum shooting angle 170°„ 
10 Screen size 4.3īÁ 
11 Screen position Center 
12 Video Display Format MOV 
13 Product color black 
14 Storage Expansion TFcard£¨up to 32G 
13            Loop-cycle recording time 4-5H 32G
16 Host Dimension              310*89*35  mm 
17 product weight 2.8Kg 
18 package size 345*120*65  mm 
19 package weight 3.1 Kg 
20 Language support 
£¨Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, the Russian 
21 Operate temperature -20°ś-80°ś 
2.3           Product Dimensions

4.3 inch High-Definition screen, can effectively reduce the visual fatigue.the Stylish and elegant appearance by the top master hand.

HD 1080P picture quality, Make the picture more clear and vivid, you can button to select the resolution 1080P or 720P, to meet your different meet in different scene.

With 6 groups of all-glass lenses, small lenses big pictures, effectively block reflected glare to provide a more delicate and perfect picture, 170 °„ ultra-wide angle, lens 360 °„ angle vertically and horizontally adjustable, 1200W pixel camera, comparable SLR

G-sensor mutation induction, when induced impact or vibration, it will trigger a special video, then the video files are not overwritten to save video files to emergencies, For contingencies.

Ultra-sensitive motion detection technology, once moving object appear within a certain range before the camara , motion detection will start automatically, give your car a full range of protection.

One-key Photograph , according to your requirements, you can set a button to take pictures, to meet your need s to save the scene you need or the view you are interested in ..

Uninterrupted loop recording, in order to meets your needs of video recording the whole time; support recording function, restore live sound.

Blue anti-glare rearview mirror of wide vision, so you no longer worries the light dazzling from the car behind,which can effectively prevent visual fatigue, nature and clear

Wide dynamic and high dynamic,the car from bright to darkness or from darkness to bright and other Mutation Environment,the Image clear without distortion.


The High quality and environmental ABS + PC material, which is the same with laptops and cell phones £¨of the features wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant, shock resistant.

170 °„ super wide angle,
take in everything at a glance £¨with the perfect present of details.