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Delphi DS150 , AUTOCOM CDP Relesed software version 2014.10 !


Delphi DS150 , AUTOCOM CDP  Relesed software version 2014.10 !   Feel free to contact us to get it ,


Autocom cdp pro+ cars & trucks with Bluetooth
Autocom cdp pro cars and trucks 2013.1 with Bluetooth function is a multi diagnostic tool for all vehicle repair.
NEW Design Autocom CDP+ Cars Trucks OBD2
New Design Autocom CDP Pro+ is a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as a link between vehicle and computer. It works on both old and new vehicles.

DELPHI DS150E Bluetooth diagnostic tool with VCI
Delphi DS150E diagnostic tool with 2013 VCI
.OBD & EOBD serial diagnosis .Service Light Reset .Read & Erase fault codes for all systems .(EMS, ABS, SRS, Climate control, Instrument panel, Immobiliser etc.) .Flight Record Function .Live Data .ECU Coding .Component Activation .Parameter Adjustments