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Advanced GSM Car Alarm !!!

Advanced GSM Car Alarm í˝Hopping Code CarAlarm í˝Remote Engine Start Function í˝Remote alarm to phone, at any distance í˝Friendly voice operation menu, easy to use í˝SMS operation, to send command and get response by SMS í˝Anti-burglar & anti-hijacking í˝Remote arm/disarm by phone or transmitters í˝Silent arm, auto re-arming í˝On site alarming by siren and lights, remote alarm to preset telephone by voice í˝Multiple triggering: door open triggering, vibration triggering, power-off triggering, í˝ ignition triggering í˝Panic button, emergency help alarm í˝Based on GSM networks, worldwide signal coverage and cost-effective í˝Remote monitoring of sounds around the car and broadcasting by telephone í˝Cut off the car's fuel / power supply by telephone í˝Lock or unlock doors by remote or telephone í˝Shock sensor could be enabled/disabled by telephone í˝Operation password and alarm telephone numbers are changable. í˝Car finder with sounds and lights í˝GSM Frequency Bands: í˝GSM850/1800/1900 í˝GSM900/1800/1900